Visions Of Tomorrow

by Brendan Sheridan

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released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Brendan Sheridan Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brendan Sheridan. I've been writing songs for a while, but recently I've felt that the content is good enough to share. I do this as a hobby and am not looking to make any money from my music. I hope my music can make people realize that destroying each other and the planet doesn't help anybody. And even if I only do that for two people, maybe they'll each do that for two others. ... more

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Track Name: Your Memory
Barefoot in a sundress on the tiles
And oh her laughter echoed for miles
And the image starts to fade and disappear
She’s long since gone and I’m still here
The movie shows her grace
I keep it on repeat
And every time I see her face
It’s always bittersweet
So I hit rewind and play it once again
And I know now what I should have known then

Back in our glory days
I was so stuck in my ways
And there was no changing me
Into what you needed me to be

And oh if you could see me today
Would you recognize me if I walked your way
And would you see
How your memory
Still tortures me

We used to ride the highway side by side
But somewhere out where the lanes divide
She went left and I went right
Faded out into the night
And the memories that run through my mind
Are the ones I’d change if I could go back in time
And lessons always come when things fall apart
In that time use your head over your heart
Practice living by the lessons that have come
Never forgetting the places that they’re from
So have I made the changes that would have saved us way back then?
Does it even matter now? I know I can’t get you back again

Track Name: Runaways
They're like birds up in the sky
Here for now but passing by
Like feathers in the wind
And most of the plans of men
Like taillights fadin into black
A freight train rolling down the track
Like a passin look
At every chance I never took

Well they never seemed to last
Just a good memory from a distant past
Here and gone again so fast
But they never cease to amaze
Yeah for all of my days
I've been in love with the runaways

Either she was leaving or so was I
Made it never worth it to try
Just envoy the company for a little while
Then she'll leave you with a smile

And I've got a parade of faces
Moving through the corners of my mind
From all the different places
All the different times

Track Name: Time Of Need
I remember
When I got deathly sick
From some dirty water
That poisoned me quick
And I was down for so long
And I you helped me so much
But now I am strong
And I've become the crutch
That once held me up

So thank you for being there
In my time of need
I know it was your care
That made the pain recede
And on the bottom
I found a seed buried in the mud
And I have watched a flower blossom
Petals from the bud

I've been healthy for awhile now
Getting better every day
And I know I've made you proud
With my improvement along the way
And it's a constant struggle
The disease lies dormant inside
But I will never buckle
Cuz I've got you by my side

Track Name: Wait Forever
Overwhelmed by feelings that have grown
No music can explain so I'll make my own
Should I take action or leave it up to fate?
Has the moment passed me by or do I still need to wait?
Sometime I wonder who guards the guardians
Who is it that will forgive them all their sins
Is it angels descended with grace?
Manifested to flesh in a pretty face

I will close my eyes sit and breathe in patience
Waiting for an explanation
With my breath I'll pull the ocean in
Wait for enlightenment to begin
Wonder if things will ever come together
Or whether I’ll just wait forever

If you could pick any place
Where would you go?
A chance to escape the race that you know
If you could pick a way how would you go?
Would you get there fast or take it slow?
When you arrive would you find me in it?
With my mind spinnin 16 miles a minute
And if by chance you came around
Would you speed it up or slow it down?
And should I wait for you to come by?
Or should I go searchin through the sky?

Track Name: What Works
Find out what works for you
Take a good look at yourself
Realize what you gotta do
Even if it’s different from everybody else
Change up the load you’re carryin
Til it feels a little lighter on your shoulders
Tell your mind to stop it’s hurryin
Teach it to run a little slower

Take a deep breath in
Get your courage right
Stop the worryin
About all your fright
Set your feet in motion towards a goal
And don’t let negative emotions burden your soul

Learn how to forgive
And start with you
Cuz the only way to live
is to love on through
You gotta look within
To set a change in motion
The only way to begin
Is with a little devotion

Track Name: Don't Give Up
Once upon a time there was a princess in a castle
Wondering why she’s always been alone
And there was a prince in love who fought a great and bloody battle
Just to find her just to ask her if she would be his own
Well she opened up her window
And she said well I don’t know
I’ve always thought of you more like a friend
And so it goes and so the chapter ends

Well princess have you found your answer?
And prince it’s not your fault and resentment is a cancer
So forget about her
Leave her high up in her tower
Ride into the sunset
And try to forget
Yeah let her go well it wasn’t meant to be
And mentally
Until you do you will never be free
don’t let
your failures come haunt you
Don’t be
when the past comes to taunt you
Just hold your head up high
And release your battle cry
Say I am a warrior and I am strong
Got to keep on riding
Got to keep on singing
This song

Well I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve failed and I’ve failed
But all the great ones did before they all prevailed
So I’ll keep marchin in formation when again it comes my turn
And I’ll be quellin my frustration and seeking something to learn
From all this rejection and defeat
This cycle that keeps playin on repeat
Start to change up all my tactics
Decide what my new plan of attack is
But I’ll never stop no I’ll never quit
I won’t give up on love til I’m in it

Well the story it continues
He had nothin left to lose
All that he had to gain
Kept him pushin through the pleasure and the pain
Well there were many other castles
Many other battles
Til one day he had a revelation
Maybe I need to start buildin
And quit all my chasin
So he found a spot by a stream
Little place out of a dream
And he built himself a wall
Strong enough it wouldn’t fall
And behind it he built shiny towers made of gold
Many wonders to behold
And it was the envy of the land
And according to his plan
He took a hammer to the wall and brought it down
And all the lovely maidens came from all around
The gold was sparklin in their eyes
And there was only one who didn’t tell him lies
So she became the queen yeah she became his prize
And all the other maidens said I’m funny
And I’m pretty
Why wouldn’t he pick me?
And his finest hour
Was when he came out on his tower
And said I’ve always thought of you more like friends
And so it goes and so the story ends

Yeah he let em go well it wasn’t meant to be
And mentally
He’s never been more free
And his failures don’t haunt him
He’s not upset cuz the past doesn’t taunt him
He just held his head up high
Released a battle cry
Said I’m a warrior I am strong
All that riding
All that singing
Was worth it all along
Track Name: One Tribe
This isn’t how I planned it
Sometimes I don't understand it
No this isn't who I thought I'd be
It wasn't my decision
Yeah the medicine
Found me
Came in like the lightnin just before the thunder
Left me floatin in the water with my raft torn asunder
Wound up on an island with some refugees
Made a life together and we're living with ease

This one tribe is all we need
Every time we laugh and every time we bleed
Come and join us when you're ready
We'll be rocking steady
You will find no judgements here
Neither hate nor doubt nor fear
Full of love with arms open wide
We will teach you if you step inside

Now I call this place my home
But I think I gotta leave
Yeah it's time to roam
And travel cross the seven seas
But as a refugee
I will always remain
For the island and the trees
Were always just a place inside my brain
Won't be forcing anyone to change their mind
Just asking them to think in kind
Won't force anyone to follow me
But if you want I'll introduce you to the refugees

Track Name: Earth Be Wise
We're all living on an island
But we can't seem to comprehend
That you and me and everybody else
We're all islands unto ourselves
Together but still alone
Thinking nothing but the suffering of our own
Brainwashed by recent history
That this is the way to be
But our ancestry
Has a message for you and me
That we're

We’re Pangea-sapiens
Over 7 billion kin
One land one people one philosophy
To stand hand in hand
In love and harmony
For you as well as me
For mountains and for trees
For rivers and for seas
We need
One land one people one philosophy

When did we drift apart?
When did we start
To sever the arteries from the heart?
Spreading the blood all around
Growing hatred from the ground
Well Earth be wise
Can't you hear the cries?
Can't you see the changing color of the skies?
Can you see the wounds begin to mend
When we extend
Beyond our islands

Track Name: Necessities
Let the days be warm and the breeze blow cool
In every life form let peace and unity rule
With my pencil I’ll erase the borderlines
Opening dialogue a mile at a time
Challenging every stereotype
Human incarnation of a peace pipe
Drop your fist and the hate in your heart
Start to question what keeps you apart
Is it all just ingrained
Is it all in the way that you’ve been trained
Have you ever thought on your own
Or is your culture’s way the only one that you’ve known

I'm here to tell you all we really need to survive
Are the little things that make us feel alive
A little bit of love and some warm sunshine
Little bit of food and a place to recline
But our lives of luxury
Have got us to the point where we just can't see
That the one's livin in poverty
Share the same necessities

Well you can't buy your way to happiness
You'll just get a big house full of emptiness
And you'll wonder how the one's livin on the street
Keep on smiling when there's nothing left to eat
Cuz at least they got a little company
To sympathize with the misery
So if that's the case might as well give it all away
Everybody's got a story to tell today
Drop your prejudice open up your hand
Take a little time to try to understand
Just exactly where they're coming from
And what it is you could do to help em
Cuz making dreams come true is what I do
Cuz if I spend my money on you
I'll see happiness multiply by two

Track Name: A Land Called Home
Well wherever you go yeah there you are
And wherever I go no you’re not that far
Cuz you’re always on my mind
A place I return to all the time
Looks like heaven and feels like home
But I know I was born to roam
Yeah I know I can’t stay here long
I’ma sing this song then I’ll move along
Across the ocean across the sea
Gotta set free
The wanderer in me
I got my bag and I’m packing your love
Pretty soon I’ll be high up in the clouds above
I’ll be fine don’t you worry about me
Still got some wonders of the world to see
But I’ll be back soon you know I can’t stay gone
Everyone and everything here keeps me hangin on

There is a land that I know called home
It’s where you go back to when you roam
It’s a safe and familiar place
Somewhere to go when you need to slow the pace
Open arms and a smiling face
Cold drink of water and a warm embrace
Fertile ground for roots to spread
And a place to recharge for the road ahead

I'll send you a postcard and a kiss
It could never get any better than this
Middle of the city
Or off the grid in the country
Deep in the snow on the mountain
Or somewhere where the waves come rollin in
Where I'll go
Even I don't know
But lessons always seem to find me
I'm learning constantly
Being open to the journey
Setting my prejudices free
Learning how to communicate
How to adjust and relate
Staying as flexible as I can be
Leaning my comfort zone behind me
And I always have fun
But there always comes a time to run

Track Name: New Height
Well it’s hard to smile when you got nothin to eat
Hard to climb without shoes on your feet
Hard to survive through the winter without a coat
Hard to sing with this lump here in my throat
Cuz the state of the world brings a tear or two
And I wish there was something that I could do
But it’s easy to give
When it’s easy to live
So I’ma give it everything I can
I’ma give to every woman and every man
Always think about openin’ up my hand
Spreadin’ some hope throughout the land
So I’ll just lay a little rhythm down
Listen to the words complete the sound
The music always blends together
But your words set you apart
So I’ma carry on forever
Speakin from the heart

Yeah keep on climbin keep on tryin
Might take good timin might take some cryin
But I’ll extend my hand to the ones below
Not that long ago I was in the same place ya know
I’ll bring you up to my new height
You should see the view it’s such a sight
And I’m startin’ to believe the rumor
That up here you can even control the future

All these grown up things I do and did
But somehow still feel just like a kid
Fascinated with how the breeze
Moves through the leaves
Up in the trees
And they say it’s hard work that got me here today
But to me it never really felt that way
The hard times seem to just fade away
Failure never did enter my mind
No other thought but stayin hard on the grind
Gotta get it all done and
Make time for fun
Even if I had to stay up all night
Always did what I had to when the time was right
And most times it feels like I just coasted here
Instead of floorin the gas through the doubt and the fear
But I’ll never forget where I started from no
A city on the rise how we love it so
All of the friends that seemed to just plateau
A little house and some land in the countryside
Yeah that’s where my heart will always reside
To all my family working hard everyday
This is what I got to say


So hand me my sunglasses cuz its bright
I ain't even started putting up a fight
The is just the first rung of the ladder
To all the crazy things that I'm after
And you can come along with me too
If it wasn't for all the things you do
I wouldn't be here helping you

Track Name: How To Love
Well I can teach you to love
Deeper than you ever have before
Everything you’ve ever loved and more
Love the flowers and the trees
Sun the water and the breeze
Love the rain and the snow
The hail and the fog comin in low
All kinds of vibrations
All your relations
All the animals and people
Love all things equal
And yes even you
You can love yourself too
You deserve it and you’re worthy
We’ve all got our own journey
And we're headed in the same direction
Love is the connection
That will heal our souls
That've been shot full of holes
From the arrows and the slings
All the hate in the world and the fear that it brings
But that's in the past and doesn't mean a thing
It's amazin
What a change in
Point of view
Can do

Can you pull a light out of the darkness
And some strength out of the weakness?
Can you find a smile in the sadness?
And some order in the madness?
Can you change your thinking
To keep your spirits from sinking
And always keep them as high as the clouds above?
Well you can if you learn how to love

And I can teach you how to practice every day
How to look at things in a different way
Humble yourself to the vastness of the ocean
Remember you're the universe in ecstatic motion
Everything is within you after all
Look up to the stars and never feel small
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed
We’re all an arrangement of the atoms of the void
Zoom out and see that we are not the the fixture
Simply a pixel in the picture
And floating above a pale blue dot
Suddenly we can see that we are not
Buddhists or Muslims
Hindus or Christians
We are all humans on this one little rock
So we all need to come together and talk
And say

Track Name: Only Way I Know
Sometimes I don't know
Whether I should stay or if I should go
Do I make enough of a difference?
Or do I walk the path of least resistance?
Sometimes I feel so small
Like my efforts won't matter at all
When compared to the infinite
We're just a dot on the timeline of it
But sometimes I find release
And I remember the lessons that keep me at peace

Give all that you can and take what you need
Always try to lend a hand and take the lead
Take some chances and place your bets
Stay away from things that create regrets
Keep on running towards a goal
Find something or someone that makes you whole
Take the time to breathe and let it go
That's the only way to happiness I know

Sometimes I don't feel prepared
Sometimes I get so scared
Can I be there when you need me?
Can I give help or just sympathy
Sometimes the world gets so heavy
And I wonder if I'm ready
To stand tall with these boulders
Resting heavy on my shoulders
But I step back and find a way
To make it through the day


Sometimes I feel so very grateful
So I take a minute to be thankful
For all the times we laughed
And all the times we cried
The bad memories from the past
That taught us what to leave behind
For somehow along the way
Getting all the things I’ve earned
For where I am today
And the lessons that I’ve learned

Track Name: Meant To Be
I'll learn to be a pipeline for love
To the people of the Earth from the skies above
I'll learn to pour it out
With no prejudice or doubt
Let it flow in all directions
Deliver to all the nations
The fuel for compassion
The power to abandon
Preconceived notions
On which we all focus
That separate us from our emotions
And without 'em we'd feel broken
But the unknown is a teacher
It’ll make you cleaner
But you don't have to do it on your own
Nah you'll never really be alone

I will be a guardian
When you need protection
I'll be a candle in your darkness
An island in your sea of weakness
I’ll be a raft on your river
Water when you start to wither
I'll be your healing medicine
Until you're freed from sorrow and awakened
Cuz those are things I'm meant to be
I will lift you up if you put your trust in me

I will learn to unclench my fist
Understand that I can't live like this
Open up my hand like a magician
Reveal the dove that was hidden
And let it fly
From my comfort zone into the sky
I'll learn to fight with my words
and demand to be heard
Keep my arms and my heart and my mind wide open
Try to teach em how to let go of the hate that they're holdin
Practice givin to the ones in need
Sow a little kindness that'll plant a seed


I will learn to never stop learning
Gather fuel to keep the internal fire burnin
Treat knowledge just like ammunition
Gotta have enough to defend your position
Always take the time to question
Or reanalyze a first impression
Cuz every fool is sure they're smart
But all the truly wise are unsure at heart
Realize when you're wrong and when you've been mistaken
Stand strong even if your knees are shaking
Everybody's been there it's just a part of living
Trust that there will come a time when you’ll be forgiven

Track Name: Entanglement
I'd split an atom right in two
Half for me and half for you
So we'd be connected across the universe
I'll sing the chorus then you sing the verse
And we'll get all tangled
up together in the blanket
Of time and space
Connect these smiles on our face
And I can feel your movements
Across all the distance
And I will move just the same
Matching dances with different names

Well if you move down then so will I
You go up I'll ask how high
Cuz we're in this thing together
Through the sunny and stormy weather
Through the ups and through the downs
A world away I'm still around
Cuz we are connected cosmically
We are linked eternally

We may never wash all the dirt away
But we'll be trying everyday
To make peace with our transgressions
Fall in love with each others imperfections
Tap into our half of the connection
Never questioning the direction
As we move in harmony
With a universal mystery
Cuz if we find ourselves alone
We'll know we're never on our own

Track Name: Disappear
Listened to a song
That made me long
for the open road

Packed my gear
And left my fear
Standing in the cold

Oh the things I've seen
Feel like a dream
From which some day I'll wake

And oh the places I will go
And the chances that I know
I'll take

So many places I want to go
So many things I want to see
So much that I want to know
So much opportunity in front of me

So so long I'm outta here
It's about time to disappear
Into the clouds
Or into the crowds

Yeah so long I'm outta here
It's about time to disappear
I'll be going far away
But I'll see you on the other side of yesterday

Then I wrote some songs
That made me stronger
Than before

About a lesson
From a Rastafarian
On a Caribbean shore

About foreign rides
With local guides
On sacred ancient ground

About things I've learned
And how they've turned
My life around

Wings made of steel
Will make feel
Like I can fly

And the destination
Will bring up the question

Why do they live like that and I live like this
Which one will retain their bliss
For a longer time

What lessons should i be takin with me
What is it that should be
Opening my mind