by Brendan Sheridan

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released June 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Brendan Sheridan Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brendan Sheridan. I've been writing songs for a while, but recently I've felt that the content is good enough to share. I do this as a hobby and am not looking to make any money from my music. I hope my music can make people realize that destroying each other and the planet doesn't help anybody. And even if I only do that for two people, maybe they'll each do that for two others. ... more

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Track Name: Stand
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha

Grace to the gurus
And to you and I too
We’re seeking
Beautiful beginnings
Beneficial endings
And connection
So I sing these songs to teach you
But they’re teachin’ me too
Take the things that don’t serve me and let them go
Take the things that will preserve me and help them grow
Forgive my past and myself
Cuz my regrets only helped
Me get to where I am right here
The lesson was painful but the message is clear

Said I can feel the weight of the world in both of my hands
My mind is askin’ me if I will choose to collapse or stand
Well I will choose the latter
Cuz greatness is what I’m after
And I know there’s so few who can
Yeah I will choose the latter
Cuz greatness is what I’m after
And I know there’s so few who can

So many people won’t step up so I have no choice
I will lead the way you can follow my voice
But I know I must stay humble
Cuz I’ll need someone to catch me when I stumble
Yes I’m growing into this new skin
Discoverin’ the teacher and the warrior within
Aligning who I am with who I need to be
Turning lessons into actions inside me
And I will focus my attention
Open my ears and truly listen
To all kinds of wisdom
From all kinds of systems
And with the lessons
From my teachers of all nations
I will build a firm foundation

Chorus first word Cuz

Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Om Dram Om Guru Dattaya Namaha
Track Name: Mystics
We’re not confined to this prison
The door is wide open
We can set our lives ablaze
Seek the ones who fan the flames
Forget the rose seek the other names
And find that life begins where fear ends
Out in a place where everything blends
You and me and they and we
Language and nationality
Earth and sea
Friend and enemy
Dreams and reality
What can we be sure of?
Not the Earth or the skies above
The only thing that's real is love

Can we work to heal these scars?
This place and the love for it is ours
Ours and ours alone
This is the only place we’ve ever known
Can we reverse the destruction of our forefathers?
Can we teach compassion to our sons and our daughters?
Can we move away from isms and towards unity?
Can we change the way we think and see?


How do we shift the paradigm permanently?
How do we do it in this concrete society?
It won't be found searching far and wide
It begins by looking inside
Unbecoming the you
That you thought you knew
And you were born anew
And from the seed there grew
Another one much more true
That knows

Track Name: Thoughts
Sit inside and listen to the rain come down
Echo of this guitar the only other sound
And I’ve been awake for far too long
Searching for some elusive song
That I may never find
But I’ve got one on the edge of my mind
And it goes like this and it sounds like love
Feels like the thunderstorm above
Waiting for lightning to shoot out of my fingertips
Waiting for some wisdom to come across my lips
But my mind was always faster than my pen yeah
So goes the best laid plans of men
Somewhere between the head and the page
Are the best ideas of the age
Never comin’ back again

Somewhere in my mind there was a thought
But it escaped before it was caught
And it floated slowly towards the ground
Landed graceful without a sound
And it joined the others that could have changed the paradigm
If only I’d caught them in time
And though it might sound so tough
We can catch them if we try hard enough

Sit outside and let the rain pour on me
Let the storm rage til I can't see
Let the lightning shock me
Let the thunder rock me
In the cradle of my mother's arms
She assures me I will never come to harm
Then she sings me a lullaby
Her voice is the wind saying I'll never die
And it goes like this and it sounds like grace
Feels like tears of joy running down my face
And I could never write that feeling down
Can't explain the emotion in the sound
Cuz it hits me like a hammer blow
Straight to the chest and the tears start to flow
So I chase it wherever I must go


And none of these songs are mine
They were written for me line by line
In ancient and modern times
I just watched them arrive
Hoped they would survive
As I watched them come alive

Track Name: Family
Put our wheels on the road yeah
We're off to medicate our souls
With that musical healing
That spiritual feeling
That can be attained
But never explained
Let the tears roll down our face
When we overflow with grace
Reciprocate an embrace
Tap into the love in this place

It's good to see you again my family
You are the ones who understand me
And we've grown since the last time I've seen you
But you look great you always do
We've come a long way
To be together today
Gathering for ceremony
No place we'd rather be
Aunties and uncles are teaching
And we're all feeding
Both our wolves equal
So we can continue livin peaceful

And we will chase it as far as we can
Over clouds over water over land
Until our money runs out
We will do without
All for another story
For the thrill of the journey
All for that inspiration
Essential motivation
To hold our heads up and keep going
Keep that creativity flowing
Keep on learning and growing
Keep our love light glowing
Remind ourselves we're not alone
Cuz wherever we're together feels like home

Track Name: Right Where I Need To Be
Coming up on this turning point in my life
Vultures on the left side, robins on the right
One leads into darkness the other into light
But I think I’ve found the balance that works for me
And I feel this is right where I need to be
Right where I need to be
So I’ll just keep on movin down the middle
Spending my time among all them equal
Cuz we’re all of one feather
Oh the things I learn when we’re together
And I’ve got my goals yeah I’ve got my dreams
But I’ve got it pretty good right now it seems

Well I might think I’m not that tough
And that my actions aren’t enough
But I’m doing more than anyone I know
They tell me all that giving requires strength and so
I’ve come to see
This is right where I need to be
Right where I need to be
Right where I need to be

I need to be on the front lines on the ground
Combatting chaos all around
Takin all my family
And liftin them up with me
This is right where I need to be
Right where I need to be
Trying to give more than I take
Shake off the sleep and come awake
Learn from my mistakes
Do whatever it takes
To forgive myself and move along
To move forward and stay strong

Track Name: Compassionate Eyes
Six in the morning smell the honeysuckle vine
And in my mind
The words come together to form the lines
Of the road I'm walkin on
In the darkness before the dawn
Trying to grab a piece of summer before it's gone
And I can't wipe this smile off my face
When I feel I'm surrounded by grace
Nature's got her perfume on
She's starting off the day
And I'll sing her a little song
As I move along my way

This life is mysteriously beautiful
Magnificently wonderful
So complex and yet so basic
Modern and yet archaic
The world's so flat but so spacious
Seems safe but it's so dangerous
Oh the thoughts that will arise
When you look through compassionate eyes

All the misunderstood creatures won't you come my way
I'm interested in everything you have to say
We could teach each other a thing or two
About what and what not to do
And I've already learned oh so many things
Like how to listen when the birds begin to sing
How to pay careful attention
To the sun coming up again
To the color of the leaves and the movement of the wind
How to recognize when to love and when to let go
How to stay humble because there's so much I don't know
But when the water and the air are pure
Of one thing I am sure

Track Name: Magic
In my arms I cradle this guitar
When I’m together yeah and when I fall apart
I hold it tight and always near my heart
Cuz when it beats it moves the strings
And it's a feeling like no other thing
The combination of an angel’s kiss
A granted genie’s wish
A manifested dream
A thirst quenched from a mountain stream
The ocean’s waters set ablaze
Hands reaching high in praise
A mighty lion’s roar
All these things and more
When the melody begins to come alive
And that blissful feeling slowly starts to arrive

It’s magic every time it comes
Electrifies you renders you numb
Replaces all perception of time
With hypnotic rhythm and rhyme
With a choir of angels right between your ears
How could you listen to your doubts or your fears?
And then when the time comes it must go
It leaves a majestic afterglow

Add a bit or take a little away
Try to control or simply obey
Trust in the flow
Learn when to let go
Sit back and watch the show
Hop on the wind when it blows
Ride it wherever it will go
Wait for a spirit to come move my hand
Write down a song obeyin its command
Sing it loud across the land
In the hopes they will understand

Track Name: Only One
Where did you come from and why do you stay?
Were we meant to reconnect in this way?
Forget about the past and all of your mistakes
We just gotta do whatever it takes
To be happy right here right now
It’s a process we can show each other how
And I can see your soul you wear it on your sleeves
It’s shining like the summer sun kissing the leaves
Friends are driftin away one by one
But whenever I call I know you’ll be the first to run

Please don’t be like autumn leaves
Blowing away on the breeze
Don’t be like the birds that fly away
Only to return on a warmer day
Don’t be like those who look at me
Like I’m some kind of mystery
Please don’t let go of my hand
You’re the only one who understands

Partner in crime accomplice in prayer
Perfect combination of sweet and deadly in your stare
Never thinking what should I be doing for myself?
Givin so much love do you keep any for yourself?
Well, tell me all your fears
Cleanse us both with your tears
I wanna take your pain and lift it right off of your mind
Take all of your worries and leave them behind
I wanna make fortune shine on this beautiful soul
Take all the things you thought were lost and put them in your control

Track Name: Simplify
You can build your highway
I'll still take the low way
The slow way
Where the grasses and flowers still grow
And the people still know
How to balance the scales
Keep the wind in their sails
And I will open my ears
Learn their lessons learn their fears
They said to me
Let go of your aggression and greed
Take just exactly what you need
Give away all the rest
Always give your best
And ask is it enough?
Is it enough?
Is it enough?
Do we need all this stuff?
It's a very linear relationship
Between material possessions, worry, and stress
On this hedonic treadmill who would settle for less?
Just my guitar and a melody in my headphones is all I really need
I think I'd be fine
With calling nothing mine
And my heart would be freed

Let's start removing worries
Get closer to basic necessities
Let's start to simplify
Order and prioritize
So sell it all burn it all give it all away
Start a new life today x2

So level the land
To build what you’ve planned
But please give me the trees
And I’ll build a cabin with the wood in the woods
Build it strong yeah build it good
So it will stand in years to come
And here you’ll be free of all the things you’re running from
And realize we were right all along
Told you once or twice in a song
That you never listened to
But it’s OK we forgive you
We’d be thrilled
If you help us build
An idea a dream
Can't do this alone need a village need a team
To push forward towards a day
When the world will think more in this way

Let's start removing worries
Get closer to basic necessities
Let's start to simplify
Order and prioritize
So sell it all burn it all give it all away
Start a new life today x2
Track Name: Knowledge Is Love
People live everywhere there’s just lines
Imaginary boundaries and signs
And then they grow protective of their side
They put up a fence and they divide
Standing safe behind barbed wire
They just stand there and open fire
And we plaster their faces all over the news
Tell me who’s the next one that’ll choose
To splinter another family
To get their 15 minutes on TV
And it's always ban this regulate that black and white
But none of it will ever be or ever make it right
Cuz we

Glorify the ignorant
And praise the indifferent
Call the smart kids names
Put their intelligence to shame
But they can’t see that knowledge is love
The more we understand the more that we can rise above
Hate and bigotry and fear
Realize we’re all just passengers here
The more I learn the less I see
What makes you different from me

But they just want us stupid and enslaved
Indebted to the system from the cradle to the grave
Pay to learn and then learn to pay
The minimum every month until your dyin day
Cuz knowledge’ll set you free but debt’ll keep you low
No matter what you know
How could you fight a system that you owe?
Cuz to them it’s one for all and most for me
You gotta pay to stay in the land of the free
Cuz love and unity doesn’t equal dollar signs
So they build more rockets, guns and mines
And if everybody knew we could do something
But there isn’t enough of us to do anything

Track Name: Stardust
Out of comforting lies
I hear questions arise
The more I read the more the truth comes to me
And in the answers well I think I see
This is all an illusion
A collective delusion
Cuz it's much easier
Than taking a stand and being a leader
But the time is now to exit the stage
Pull back the curtain and read from a different page

So fill your life with service and love
If there's a spirit above
We're talking to the same one
No need to pick up a gun
Cuz you call it by a different name
It's all just translations of the same
There's stardust in our eyes
From that same source somewhere beyond our skies
So remember to tell yourself we're all a miracle
We're all in this together and we're beautiful

And it becomes clear
We all have the same fear
Of being alone
Of everything unknown
But it doesn't have to control us we can rise above
Look around you can't you feel the love
And there is peace in acceptance
Of our ignorance
So surrender, surrender, surrender
To the glory and the splendor

Track Name: Turiya
Close my eyes and spark a flame
Quiet the mind and call upon the name
Of the one within
Always will be and has always been
Come into me
Grant me immortality
Reveal the light that shines in everyone
Brighter than lightning, fires, stars or suns
Teach me of a connection profound
I will open up and chant your sound

Om shanti shanti shanti x6

I’ve heard this path is difficult to tread
Straight and narrow as a razor’s edge
Leading to a sacred and eternal place
That holy city of eleven gates
The journey begins with lessons revealed
All things infinite are all that’s real
All in one and one in all is true reality
Separateness will dissolve into unity
Transcend three states of time into a fourth
With one sound true wisdom will come forth

Om shanti shanti shanti x6
Track Name: Responsibility
The wind through the pines
Sends a chill down my spine
The night is clear and cold
As the spirits come alive
I hear ancient stories told
Before the dawn arrives
About the destruction of a race
All for power and greed
About the destruction of a place
That has everything we need
I hear a voice say
Look what you've done
And I pray
I'm not the only one
Who can hear the call
Cuz it concerns us all

Mamma I'm sorry
I know I'm just one of your sons
But I feel the responsibility
For all the things we've done
In a blink of your eye
We've hurt you so much
But I'm here to try
And lift you back up

So lock it away and bury it deep
Set it ablaze so the secret'll keep
Cause you've stolen and burned
And said it was progress
And by now we have learned
To expect nothing less
We can forgive but we will never forget
We know that in time it all will correct
Because we're of this Earth
And not above the dirt
Before we return
Somehow we must learn
That domination only leads to elimination
But cooperation will lead to continuation


We wonder why we have to fight
To try to do whats right
Fight against faith and fight against hope
In a sacred space sing a song to cope
And know we're not alone
This is where the seeds of love are sown
Find a guardian of your own
Made out of flesh or out of stone
Channel our elders
Learn with our sisters and brothers
Love one another
And stand strong side by side
As equals with pride
Never to run and never to hide
Cuz it's all we have and all we know
No other place like this to go
It's all we have and all we know
No other place like this to go

Track Name: Right Now
A new born baby cries
And a great grandfather dies
A wave comes in the moon pulls another back
One army retreats and another attacks
Some say love and others say hate
Someone saves a life another was too late
Small children sweat to earn ten cents
A man never lifts a finger paying his expense
Some do not believe others bow their head
Some never think about and some are grateful for their bread
Some live off the trash that others make
One person gives while another takes

Right now I'm singing a song
And right now you're singing along
But everything is happening in this moment
We are all just a component
Of the mystery
That is infinity
That is right now
And all we can do is trust
In the unknown we must

Some plow the land
Others put the money in their hands
Some eat whatever makes them full
Others would never kill an animal
Some work while others play
Some choose to go and others choose to stay
Some people kill and other people love
Some hold on to their grudge and others rise above
Some pollute and others try to clean
Some are mindful others are caught up in routine
Some look to the Earth others look to the stars
Some think what is mine others think what is ours


And could your past present and future happen side by side
Is it possible that they could coincide?
It’s just the relative nature of space and time
In an alternate reality maybe this song doesn’t rhyme

Track Name: Take Me Away
Maybe I’m impatient
Cuz I’m always chasin
Instead of awaitin
Life’s greatest revelation
And in the corners of the world
Barefoot in the sand
In languages that I can’t understand
I’ve seen it unfurled
Money’s just paper you know
I watch it come and I watch it go
Buy myself a ticket on the greatest ride
Touch down on the other side
Watch my perspective start to shift
Feel my spirit start to lift

Take me away
Take me away
To a place that I can’t stay
Take me away
Afar but not astray
Take me away
Teach me something new today
Take me away
Take me away

As I worked to keep my hunger fed
Eagles circled round my head
I took it as a sign
That all our histories intertwine
Same place in a different time
Same song with a different rhyme
I have traveled long and traveled far
Followed maps and followed stars
Listened to the languages I know
Turn into mumbles as they flow
Listened to strange and scary sounds
Develop rhythm and meaning in foreign towns
Fell in love and held my tongue
Wrote it down in a song I sung
Tried to return to a place that had ceased to be
Same home same faces but a different me

Track Name: Unafraid
All around me are children
Under the ocean
And up on the mountain
Different forms and different faces
Show me all life is sacred
All of the beautiful creatures
Every one of them are my teachers
Lessons of patience and compassion
Advocation and action
I see through their eyes to their souls
All of the knowledge they hold
They told me go learn from our mother
Drink of her water
And tell her you love her
And you will learn in that day
Why we say

Praises for the work that you do
I am of and will return to you
Your beauty is above and below in and around me
I can feel your love it surrounds me
And I feel you must be protected
I feel I’m one of the selected
So count me as one of your army
To my death I will pledge my loyalty
Teach me your strength and hand me a blade
Call my name and I’ll come to your aid
I will stand at your side unafraid

And now I can feel the Earth and its turning
A little farther away from the sun
I can feel my heart and its yearning
Ever harder for the warmth of the one
The mother and provider
Stretching her arms ever wider
And there is love in her eyes yeah
In spite of her sadness it never dies no
And with all the destruction she's seen
How does she keep her heart clean?
I see her with her sword at her side
Ready for war and she rides
Deep into hurricanes and tornadoes
To the heart of the flame yeah she goes
It’s just a lesson her love still remains
Stand by her side or be swept away by the rains
And now I say


Now I keep her gifts in my fingers
I can feel her power it lingers
So I move my hands without thinking
Quench my thirst without drinking
Enclose a prayer in a vibration
Feel all the love of the world in one sensation
And then I’m left with a choice
Do I raise my words or my voice
And she tells me flowers grow from the rain not the thunder
Do you understand me or do you still wonder?
And I am wiser for the lesson
And braver for the blessin
I can feel her breath on the wind
I breathe her life into me again
Savor it and release it slow
Exhale a gift and together we grow
And we remain ever changing
In awe of that fundamental exchanging