Random Things I'm Working On

by Brendan Sheridan

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released April 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Brendan Sheridan Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brendan Sheridan. I've been writing songs for a while, but recently I've felt that the content is good enough to share. I do this as a hobby and am not looking to make any money from my music. I hope my music can make people realize that destroying each other and the planet doesn't help anybody. And even if I only do that for two people, maybe they'll each do that for two others. ... more

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Track Name: Carolina Sky
We first met when I was just 8 years old
My family went south running from the cold
I didn't know if I'd like this new place
But that all changed when I saw your face
Radiant and full of grace
Silently telling me I was safe
And slowly this boy grew into a man
And all the while you held my hand
And you're part of who I am today
And we're both better than we were I'll have to say

The mountains run into the plains
Down to the coast shaped by the hurricanes
Where I was raised and given wings
Where I learned to love and learned to sing
And I haven’t always been around
Seems it’s never long before I’ll be leavin town
But you’re in my mind no matter where I go
And I’ll be back because I know
That this will be
The one and only place for me
So when I die
Lay me to rest beneath a Carolina sky

Europe called and I flew away
Learned a lot of things along the way
Within a year
I was in the southern hemisphere
Three weeks away and two things were clear
That I was born to roam
And everyone needs somewhere to call their home
The choice is easy
There's only one place for me
Cuz for every place I've been
There was always another callin

Track Name: Wake Up And Rise
What is truth? What is lies?
Are all of our lives
Flashing before our eyes
In the final minutes before we die?
No one knows
It’s just the way it goes
Right here right now what we feel
Might be the only thing that’s real
So turn it up get lost in the sound
Focus on it and let it surround
Listen to the message and learn something new
Put it into practice and expand your view
Open up your eyes see what we gotta do

We got to wake wake wake up and rise
We got to wake wake wake up and rise
Inject some meaning into our lives
We got to wake wake wake up and rise
We got to wake wake wake up and rise
It’s all an illusion it’s all a disguise
We got to wake wake wake up and rise
We got to wake wake wake up and rise
We’ve only got a short while to become wise

There are no sure things no guarantees
All we leave with are our memories
So cast your doubts into the breeze
Travel the world yeah travel the seas
Start saving up timeless currency
Put ‘em your memory bank permanently
And be love give love
See love live love
From morning to night
Illuminate the darkness with your light
And be the truth and give it
See the truth and live it
Spread it far and wide
The lessons that we’re living
Are turning the tide

Track Name: How To Love
Well I can teach you to love
Deeper than you ever have before
Everything you’ve ever loved and more
Love the flowers and the trees
Sun the water and the breeze
Love the rain and the snow
The hail and the fog comin in low
All kinds of vibrations
All your relations
All the animals and people
Love all things equal
And yes even you
You can love yourself too
You deserve it and you’re worthy
We’ve all got our own journey
And we're headed in the same direction
Love is the connection
That will heal our souls
That've been shot full of holes
From the arrows and the slings
All the hate in the world and the fear that it brings
But that's in the past and doesn't mean a thing
It's amazin
What a change in
Point of view
Can do

Can you pull a light out of the darkness
And some strength out of the weakness?
Can you find a smile in the sadness?
And some order in the madness?
Can you change your thinking
To keep your spirits from sinking
And always keep them as high as the clouds above?
Well you can if you learn how to love

And I can teach you how to practice every day
How to look at things in a different way
Humble yourself to the vastness of the ocean
Remember you're the universe in ecstatic motion
Everything is within you after all
Look up to the stars and never feel small
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed
We’re all an arrangement of the atoms of the void
Zoom out and see that we are not the the fixture
Simply a pixel in the picture
And floating above a pale blue dot
Suddenly we can see that we are not
Buddhists or Muslims
Hindus or Christians
We are all humans on this one little rock
So we all need to come together and talk
And say

Track Name: Brokenness
Come and look me in the eye
I'll make a map of where your insecurities lie
Well it won't take long
And you'll think I got it wrong
When I show you a page that's as blank as your face
Confused by the emptiness where a map should take its place
And when you ask why I didn't draw anything
I'll say there was no need to do a thing

Well it's obvious to me
And I wish that you would see
You're perfection in crooked symmetry
All those doubts you feel
Well none of them are real
You're perfect in a broken kind of way
And putting the pieces back together would just take some of your light away

And I'll hold you tight
And tell you everything will be alright
Cuz I know how many times you've fallen apart
And I can see how often you've rebuilt your heart
Yeah I can feel the brokenness inside of you
And I'm broken in the all the same places too
But our strength only increases
Every time we pick up the pieces


And if you ever feel you're not worthy
I want you to know you're perfect to me
Just remember I love you because
Of the way your heart is now not the way it was

Track Name: My Infinity
These are troubled times my friend
Seems the world is coming to an end
And no matter how I try it seems there’s nothing I can do
But none of it seems to matter when I’m with you
You make me believe everything’ll be OK
That somehow the end is a little farther away
That tonight is all that we need
And that it doesn’t matter that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed
Come what may for the worse or for the better
None of it matters when we’re together

If it all ends tomorrow
I will have no sorrow
For I have played the game and won the prize
It’s sitting right there behind your eyes
And if the end was a day away
It wouldn’t matter anyway
Cuz time stands still when you’re standing next to me
Yeah you’re my infinity

So if it all crashes down
If the world as we know it crumbles to the ground
I know we will be fine
As long as you keep your hand in mine
And if they continue to poison and take
If they bend it until it breaks
They can't destroy this thing that we made
It'll keep us safe and never fade
Cuz the hands on our clocks move differently
So do you wanna watch the end of the world with me?