by Brendan Sheridan

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released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Brendan Sheridan Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brendan Sheridan. I've been writing songs for a while, but recently I've felt that the content is good enough to share. I do this as a hobby and am not looking to make any money from my music. I hope my music can make people realize that destroying each other and the planet doesn't help anybody. And even if I only do that for two people, maybe they'll each do that for two others. ... more

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Track Name: Little Bear
I was lost in the forest couldn't tell night from day
When a little bear came and he showed me the way
A path to a clearing
Darkness disappearing
And he sang me a song
Of the earth and of changing
Of hope and rearranging
Of faith and of action
Of fighting with compassion
And I sang along
It goes

You are strong you are beautiful
All your flaws are removable
We're all sisters and brothers
We should take care of each other
And respect our Earth mother
If we work together
We can make everything better
For the children to come
All future generations of daughters and sons

Now I find tears in my eyes
Every morning I rise
For the good things comin'
And all things left behind
Some days they fall
Most days I stand tall
And realize I'm here to make people happy
Even if that might not always include me
And I'll keep a smile on my face
As relationships move in and out of my space
Something given so quickly
Can be taken so easy
Something taken for granted
Can become a phantom
So I'll let the ones I hold dear
Know they're loved while they're here
And never live in fear
Of death or of endings
Because they bring new beginnings
And I will stay strong
By singing a song
That goes


And this changing inside
I'll spread far and wide
And my kindness towards you
Will come back to me too
And our voices will ring
When we start to sing


I was lost in the forest couldn't tell night from day
When a little bear came and he showed me the way
A path to a clearing
Darkness disappearing
And he sang me a song
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Well I know I will die
But I know I will try
To go with honor and
Not as a result of my stupidity
Peaceful in my sleep
Not this young because of company I keep
Lady Luck I know I'm on the edge of your good graces
I've got no more aces
Up my sleeve
Time to tip my hat and let you leave
I'll blow a kiss as I wave goodbye
Right now I don't need you
But I know that I'll see you
By and by
Time to cut my losses
And make good on my promises

The devil appears in many different forms
And death can come dressed
As societal norms
I'd been deceiving myself for most of my days
That I didn't need to start changing my ways
Well I know I can do much better than this
So help me, stay beside me
Love me and guide me
Through my metamorphosis

I have hurt everyone that I have known
Some chose to stay but some chose to go
The ones that are left
I'm changing for you
You should be gone like the rest
After all I've put you through
But forgiveness starts inside of myself
This changing is like nothing that I've ever felt
And the things I abandon today
Can't compare to the things on the way
Like love, understanding, and pride
I'll put them in the dark places inside
I'll put the past in the past
Shine brighter than I ever have
Make a flame from this ember
And always remember
Track Name: Beautiful Night
Standin in a field lookin out into the night
And I can barely see the stars cuz the moon shines so bright
The darkness is like a cloth coverin a crystal ball
I can feel someone lookin in on us all
I swear it is holy I swear it's divine
But you build your temples on top of mine
And now there's city children who've never seen the stars
Surrounded by pollution from lights and from cars
And I wish they could see what I see
I wish they could feel this changing inside of me
Cuz I swear I could spend all night lookin at the sky
Searchin for answers I'd like to know before I die

Why are we here and why are we chosen?
Why is it so hard to keep our hearts and our minds wide open?
Why do so few choose to question it?
Why do so few choose to mention it?
What do I need to do to improve myself?
What do I need to do to improve everybody else?
Is it OK if I never know?
Will the answers be there when it's my time to go?
And does this moment have to be ruined by the morning light?
Or can I just stay forever in this beautiful night?

There is beauty in the light shining inside of you
But there is beauty in the darkness too
And it's only now I'm starting to understand
Only recently this boy became a man
And I wonder if I've found my destiny
Or is this only a steppin stone for me?
On the path over the river to brighter days
All I know is I'm happier in so many ways
Feel it, live it, and watch it flow out of me
And smiles and laughter are all that I see
And maybe I can turn their faces towards the sky
We'll be searchin for answers we'd like to know before we die
Track Name: Tears And Rain
Saw a gorgeous hawk dead in the middle of the road
Felt it was my duty to deliver him home
With his feathers in my left hand blood on my right
Looked up at the moon at the fading of the light
Played a song of praise as I laid him in the grave
Underneath that old fruit tree
Stuck a couple feathers in the ground for the world to see
So they could see what we’ve done
See the losers in the races we’ve run
So they could feel ashamed
Of leaving such a beautiful creature broken and maimed

How many birds must lose their wings
Before everyone can hear how the white dove sings?
How many kings must abuse their crowns
Before we can hear the ever present sound
Of Mother Earth crying out in pain
And know the difference between her tears and rain

People like me live in the gray in between
Invisible middle ground unseen
We don’t believe in black or white
Full darkness or pure light
A little bit of both exists in everything
For the balancing we sing
We’ve realized something that we never expected
That you and me and we are all interconnected
That when a hawk dies somewhere a man did too
Yeah when you gonna learn cuz it’s nothing new
The indans praised the earth for growing their seeds
Saw the beauty in the creatures and took onlyn what they’d need


And for miles and miles
I see trees in neat little piles
And that resource is renewable but it’ll take years
And changing your mind is do-able but it’ll take tears
Tears of happiness and tears of regret
Sorrow for the past hope for things not done yet
I’ll take you down to the old fruit tree
Point at your construction and the feathers I see
And you’ll feel the healin’ powers of the Earth
That out of death it can manifest birth
Track Name: Another Planet
Machinery where there used to be trees
Cuttin down the greenery and they never heard the pleas
Of the creatures and the people who were here before
Claiming its progress they're building for
Paving over habitats
And ignoring the facts that
They're cutting away everything that is beautiful
Driving away everything that is natural
About this land that we're living on
And they can't even see they're wrong

Don't you know what you're doing
Can't you see where we're going?
Or do you only see more zeroes
Have you looked out your windows?
Tell me what color is your sky?
And if it isn't blue then can you tell me why
Tell me the ratio of trees that you have saved
To the amount of ground that you have paved
And tell me do you know
Another planet we can go
When our time on this one's running low?

And it just ain't funny
That the bigger the pile of money
Is the more that they can take
And the more that they can break
And as long as they get paid
They will look the other way
And they'll think of what to say
Some bullshit they think that we'll believe
But we were never so naïve
Cuz when the birds start droppin'
And the fish start floatin'
Your explanations won't mean a thing


You got lawyers talking for you
Sayin' what you want them to
That it's all untrue
And their was nothing you could do
And here's some money to make it go away
And if we've got enough to pay
We can avoid jail today
Cuz the rules don't apply to me
Big numbers give me immunity
And as long as they continue to increase
I don't care who I fleece
Or what ends up deceased

Track Name: Revolutionary Blood
Well, it's amazing to me
That being raised so negatively
Can sometimes change a life so positively
And how people born with so much
Never think they have enough
And say they've got it so rough
They don't realize that their worth
Was determined by the accident of their birth
We could all have been born in different situations
With different expectations
And different frustrations
Cuz happiness cannot be bought
Just like compassion can be taught

With revolutionary blood running deep in our veins
We're gathering our strength and we're breaking the chains
We're bringin down walls and we're openin' doors
Bringing positive change while we're stopping wars
We're separated by distance but we're one and the same
We're kindling fires with a similar flame

And with every day that goes by
A little more of the patriot inside of me dies
I grow more loyal to birds and to trees than to pavement
More loyal to the wilderness than the system that saved it
I promote the ideas for which the flag was created
Not the agendas and the missions by which it was desecrated
It stands for the government corrupting this country
Don't think it symbolizes the majority
Don't think it symbolizes the majority
Of people who believe in liberty
What happened to the truths that were self-evident?
That when our leaders
Become destructive creatures
We have a right to alter or abolish the government


We watch them blindly serve and protect
The system that keeps the nation in debt
While richer and richer they get
But they can't see the threat
Of what they're creating
And we are waiting
To rise above the oppressors and the tyrants
Moving forward united
With the voices of giants
Can you open your eyes?
Can you open your ears?
Are you blind to the lies?
Are you deaf to the tears?


And we are waiting
To rise above the oppressors and tyrants
Moving forward united
With the voices of giants
Track Name: Sunrise
Well I need some space
A place where my face
Can be warmed by the sun
Take each day as it comes
Keep my feet on the ground
My eyes all around
And my ears open for the sound
The sound of beginnings
And the silence of endings
And the wisdom to know
Which ones will help me grow

Cuz I'm far from perfect
There's things that I regret
Things I'm working to correct
But my darkness can't kill my light
One of these days I'll get it right
I'll be like the sunrise as it destroys the night

Well I'm spending time on my passions
Leaving no time for my demons
To rear their ugly heads
Sewing these wounds up with the threads
Of beautiful melodies
Musical remedies
Spreading love and waiting for it to return
Not pursuing but not concerned
For love will find you when you look away
It might take time but that's OK
For you need to love yourself
Before you can love someone else


And when it's time to say goodbye
I won't be afraid to die
And while my destination
I may not know for a fact
I'll still serve the earth and all creation
And I can take comfort in that
But right now I've got places to see
Work to do for you and me
People to love and life to live
Knowledge to receive and lessons to give

Track Name: Outside (Here With Me)
Pray for repentance one day a week
But you're not righteous and you're not meek
Have you practiced what you preach?
Have you learned the lessons that you teach?
Your four walls could never hold me in
I've been outside listening
In your box I will not be placed
With your problems I will not be faced
My conviction will never be erased
For I've been working every day
To live by the things I say

Well, the thing things that you do
Are they the same things you've been saying too?
If not take a look inside
Keep some things and change some things
Let a few things slide
Then come back and you will see
That's it better outside here with me

And this system's been killin' me
Need time in the wilderness to set me free
Far from the sounds far from the sights
Somewhere out beyond the lights
Companies sayin' they love this land
But there's oil washin' up on the sand
Politicians legislating tolerance
Overwhelmed by ignorance
Always internally arguing
But the people keep on living


You need us but we don't need you
What would you do
If we turned our backs what would you do?
Would system fall as it lost it's gears
Do you think we would shed any tears
For pieces of paper worth nothing
Only that everyone thinks they're worth something
We'll walk away ashes scatter in the wind
While we start over again

Track Name: System
We're addicted to our screens
And we're livin above our means
And it always seems
That we're livin other people's dreams
Taught to think and believe
What will feed their greed
But it only leads
Down a road of devastation
Natural and spiritual
They've got us trained
With a need to be entertained
Sittin' on our hands
While they're tearing up our lands
Not askin questions that matter
Just what's on now and what comes after
Not questionin why they're regulatin liberation
Providin cheap legal addictions
To all kinds of poisons
Puttin' chemicals in everything we eat
And playin' ignorant music on repeat


They kept us down for a long long time
But right now we're awakenin' our minds
And we can hear the sound
Of the system crumblin down
Oh it's comin down
It's comin down
We're bringin it down
Bringin it down
Well I want out but I also want in
I've been thinking about changin up
the system we've been livin in
Gonna begin by lookin within
Raise' my voice a little higher
Take' my place in the choir
Use my words just like swords
Start a revolution with just two chords
Take my anger and channel it
Take your answer and question it
Start thinkin for myself
And about everybody else
Take action where and when I can
Realize that I'm only one man
Practice freein' my mind
And leavin posions behind
Play music that gets people
and speakin'
Cuz life is too short for music with no meaning
Track Name: Revolution
Let our voices rise x2
Like thunder from the skies
Rollin cross the skies
Let our voices rise x2
Together they shall rise
Together we shall rise

Gallopin this horse down through the fields
Keep my eyes open to see what it yields
My belly's full but there's always a hunger
Gotta keep the music movin' just like thunder
We're like a storm cloud off in the distance
Know your time is comin
Cuz we are relentless
Open the flood gates at the heavens
We'll float on our faith as the river's ascending
Washin' away the sins of the evil men
Bringin' everything
Back to the beginning

You can kill and destroy but we will still be here
Reversin your actions and makin it clear
That one day you will know our names
Some day soon you will think the same
That nothing on this earth is infinte
We need more people takin care of it
The music is the medicine
And it fuels a revolution

I'm learning from sages and from mystics
Hiding messages in infectious rhythms
Put it out there in a way that people'll listen
Startin a movement cuz it's more than me
It's above and beneath and it flows right through me
Effecting changes positively
Bein' a better friend, better man, better brother
Better son to father and my mother
When it comes around again gonna be a better lover
I'm seeing the forest as well as the trees
Practice this from the mountains to the seas
Takin pleasure from a cool breeze
Meditatin' by the light of a new day
Pushin evil thoughts away
Learning to live by what I say
Havin' fun but never losin' mindfulness
Avoidin extremes and excess
Takin no shit
But stayin' compassionate
Track Name: Changed Man
My eyes are working fine
But I've never truly seen
Been in the water many times
But I was never truly clean
And after careful self inspection
I see now what others saw all along
I was movin' in the right direction
But I was living all wrong
There's things that I am proud of
But I've pushed my friends away
Lost at least one good love
Lost my chance with others along the way
Feeding my addictions
Digging further down
Ruining relations
But I've turned myself around

As an old life burns til nothing left remains
A better one rises like a phoenix from the flames
I can't undo the bad things that I've done
But I can ease the pain of each and every one
Blame all my transgressions
On a young man's foolishness
And thank my new direction
On a changed man's humbleness

I remember the day I awoke
In the darkness before the dawn
Listened to the earth as she spoke
And found somethin' to lean on
Realized that improving can be easy
So write this in ink and blood upon my skin
Leave it as a reminder permanently
To never stray that way again
Live in harmony with all the ones that I hold dear
Never see disappointment in their faces or their eyes
Understand we are all sisters and brothers here
Although we may be looking at different skies
I want to be strong enough to cast my anger out
I want to write a song that stirs a change inside
I want to live my life free from guilt and doubt
And if I never do well I will have tried

Track Name: Speed Of Song
Sittin on the beach waitin for the sun to rise
Lookin to the east were the water meets the skies
Thinkin’ back on the last half of the year
Thinkin’ about the past how I ended up here
About decisions and mistakes I have made
About past visions and things that I once craved
And I’m startin to question everything I know
Like what’s really keepin’ me and maybe I should go
Cuz every once in a while
I get lonesome for the open mile

I’d like to throw a guitar and a pack
On a westbound boxcar and never come back
Make a life among the mountains and the trees
Feed myself from the rivers and the seas
Listen to the wind to tell me when I should be gone
And keep on movin along at the speed of song

And maybe I found my real self too late
Spent too much time in altered states
Cuz lately I feel all I do is feed the machine
When all I really want is to be somewhere green
Find myself a pretty little girl
Together we’ll put our feet in the carpet of the world
Find beauty in all the little things
Clear blue skies and the birds that sing
A full moon on a cool autumn night
A sunrise with color painted just right
One day soon I’ll drop everything and start the chase
And let no moment go to waste

Track Name: Winds Of Change
I retreated to the forest
Closed my eyes
And listened to the chorus, chorus, chorus

Everything whispered out my name
The trees, the wind, the rain
All spoke the same, the same, the same

Saw a hawk soarin up so high
Closed my eyes and
Pretended I could fly, could fly, could fly

Heard a wolf howl out his song
It echoed in my heart
And I sang along, along, along


Great ball of fire so far away
Fill up my soul and
Take me higher today, today, today

Great ball of darkness so much closer
Teach me to reflect light
And start over, over, over

Great kings and queens now dead and gone
In the sky your light shines on, and on, and on

Great mother's breath blowin across the plains
Take me away and help me break these chains, these chains, these chains

I'm tappin into a great mystery
Don't know what it means
But it sets me free, sets me free, sets me free

And I'm revealin secrets of my mind
Wakin up and
Leavin things behind, behind, behind

So I sit still, breathe deep , and I give my praises
Like a peaceful warrior I aim for greatness, greatness, greatness

My whole life is just this moment
No past no future
Heart and mind wide open, open, open


At home and on all the foreign coasts
I feel like I'm surrounded by ghosts, and ghosts, and ghosts

Ghosts that live inside a memory
Ghosts of demons that once lived in me, in me, in me

But I'm finding weapons in my head
Powerful enough to kill the dead, the dead, the dead

Got a handful of matches and I'm wagin war
Burnin one bridge while I'm building two more, two more, two more

Track Name: Death Song
The time came for decisions to be made
The time came for paths to be paved
And you can’t make these decisions this life is mine
Between my heart and my mind I know I’ll be fine
I will respect you and I demand you do the same
We can look each other in the eye free of prejudice or blame
I will pass no judgment and I’ll have no judgment passed on me
Just like you I will live my life how I think it should be

I will live by the lessons that I sing and I will sing as I die
If I only learn one thing I will learn not to cry
And though the journey may be long and the destination unknown
When I go I’ll sing this death song like a hero going home

Every morning I give thanks for the darkness and the light
I give thanks for my life, my strength, and my sight
Grateful to be awake alive and free
And if I see no reason to give thanks the fault lies inside of me
And I will cleanse myself of poisons
Honor all my relations
Love and protect my life in fear of no one
Strive to make it long in service to everyone


I’ll work to be remembered not for what I was but what I became
I’ll work to bring a smile when a face remembers my name
I’ll leave you behind with my song the day I cross the great divide
We’ll sing it together as I reach the other side
Track Name: Mantra
Woke myself before the sunrise
Took a look at myself through a new set of eyes
Sat down by the waterside
Took a deep breath and cast my past aside
Driftin' along with nothin to believe in
Finally found a path to healin
Everyone needs to find something in life to make them strong
And I am sorry it has taken me so long

For I realize the error of my ways
Living for myself too many days
Let the Earth and the music turn this soul around
Every morning put bare feet on solid ground
Help me never disappoint my mother
Help me gain the wisdom of my father
Help me stay close to my brothers
Help me to move past that which does not serve me
And help me to live each day in positivity

I feel the power in the slightest wind
After all this time I'm finally listenin'
And I feel the wisdom of the birds up in the trees
Every morning they are speaking to me
They say take it slow and let it go
Don't you know you will reap what you sow
And I understand and I have taken heed
To live free from addiction is what I need
And whatever the next life has in store for me
I hope I am judged on who I've grown to be


I have come to be grateful this time as in the last
Thank you for your gifts future, present, and past
I feel connected to your creatures and this land on which they roam
I will live in harmony with all things for as long as I call this place my home
I grow stronger as your energy flows through me
I am grateful for our connection for it will transform me into who I desire to be

Vengo para estar agradecido, este tiempo como en lo ultimo
Gracias por sus regalos futuro presente y pasado
Siento conectado a sus criaturas y este tierra donde se vagan
Vivere en harmonia con todos seres vivos mientras llamo este lugar mi casa
Crezco mas fuere mientras que su energia fluye a traves de mi
Estoy agradecido por nuestra conexion para que me va a transformar en quien deseo estar
Track Name: It All Comes Back Around
Lake feeds the river and the river feeds the streams
The sun and the moon feed the Earth
and the Earth feeds my dreams
Lightning falls from the skies and a tree falls as it dies
Our voices call like the thunder rumbles
Prejudices fall as the border crumbles
Our eyes shift and change
As our perspectives do the same
The love that's in your heart
Can make a brand new start
A smile upon your face
Can brighten up this place

And it all comes back to you
How you think
and what you do

And it all comes back to me
To work with you
to live in harmony

And it all comes back around
At the beginning
Someday you'll be found

And it all comes back to everyone
While we remain divided
There is work to be done

The birds sing to me and they help me sing to you
And if you look up you will see the same moon that I do
Different places, slightly different skies
Different faces, slightly different lives
Same basic necessities
Food, water, shelter, and clean air to breathe
This world could be a better place for you and me
If we realize we're all one big family


As you wish upon a distant star
Reflect on how insignificant you are
And like a dying star still gives it's light
What will be your legacy
when you leave this life?
Be it big or be it small
It should be positive or none at all
So always give more than you take
Live unselfishly for everyone's sake


And that addiction you see no way to quit
You can decide at anytime that you're over it
There's nothing stopping you from starting today
It's only your mind that's in your way
Find something that helps you move along
Anything that helps to keep you strong
For it's a journey not a destination
It's not something to be achieved it's a constant transformation.


The lake feeds the river and the river feeds the streams
The sun and the moon feed the Earth and the Earth feeds my dreams
To coexist within this family
To leave behind a positive legacy
To leave behind my smile in this song
And use all of that to keep me strong