Grow Up Tall

by Brendan Sheridan

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released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Brendan Sheridan Durham, North Carolina

My name is Brendan Sheridan. I've been writing songs for a while, but recently I've felt that the content is good enough to share. I do this as a hobby and am not looking to make any money from my music. I hope my music can make people realize that destroying each other and the planet doesn't help anybody. And even if I only do that for two people, maybe they'll each do that for two others. ... more

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Track Name: Great Teacher - The Forest
I've been away in the forest for many's a year
Learning my lessons shedding my fear
Now it’s time to return to the cities I once knew
Returning in search of the chosen few
I think I am ready I think I understand
I believe I know myself the best I can
I must teach the lessons of the rising sun
Work to ensure they spread to everyone
The most effective way I feel
Is to pray before the temple of wood and steel

I greeted the dawn and was put in my place
I was made to feel ashamed as the sunlight hit my face
It said have you learned nothing at all?
Remember united we stand divided we fall?
It said do you remember the Golden Rule?
Well you must apply them you fool
Serve as a lesson in everything you do
And I will always be here guiding you

Deep in the forest I’ve been teaching for many’s a day
And the chosen few are learning well I’d have to say
But I fear my heart is calling out
Is it me alone who hears it shout?
I fear the world is taking its toll
I am in need of a kindred soul
But I will wait oh so patiently
I can see the good things in store for me
For now the chosen few are all I need
We will help each other live by the creed

Track Name: Lesson - Adventure
I’ve got a longing in my heart a fire in my eyes and
I’m focusin on maps and the horizon
I’m dreamin of far away lands
Crystal clear water pure white sands
Enormous six hundred year old trees
An untainted mountain breeze
A place where the moon touches the ground
A place where the Earth doesn’t make a sound
And when it calls I must obey
When the time comes well I must away

I just need a pocketful of cash
A song on my lips a guitar on my back
A heart that’s ready for the trials the world’ll bring
A mind that’s sharp enough to get me out of anything
Fresh soles on my boots and my back to the wind
And I’ll be off into the great unknown again

I wanna dance with the forest as she sways in the wind
And I wanna fall in love all over again
In the gentle breeze I will feel my lovers’ breath
And when my back is turned she will turn to flesh
And the frogs will provide the symphony
The birds will join together in harmony
And we will spin and we will twirl
And even as it surrounds us we’ll forget the world
And as I sit and dream of that day
When I close my eyes it’s not so far away

Track Name: Lesson - Don't Follow The Crowd
Oh lonely crow where’s the murder today
Away to the city it flies
But no more will I look into lifeless eyes

Oh mighty lion tell me why your pride has gone away
Out on the hunt they have gone today
But I fear that they’ve fallen and won’t come back this way

Old fearsome alligator where’s the congregation today?
Oh they’ve gone down to the river to pray
But I fear that’s the direction they’ve gone astray

Oh misunderstood baboon what does the congress say?
Oh they’re fighting in a circle and won’t speak to you today
And I wouldn’t wait for an answer cuz that’s just how they’ll stay

They said I may not lead but I won’t blindly follow
I will choose my own way to go
I will hold my head up straight and proud
And I will refuse to follow the crowd
If they would lead me away from myself
Then I don’t wanna be like everybody else

Old stealthy tiger where is the ambush today?
It’s in the woods outside your door
I hope I’ve helped you prepare for what’s in store

Old silent raven where does the unkindness hide today?
It gathers in cities near and far away
But I have no desire to join those birds of prey

Oh tiny little caterpillar where’s the army today?
Off devouring a field somewhere far away
And why I haven’t joined them would take too long to say

Old proud coyote where is the band today?
They’re howling in the den but I don’t like the songs they play
In fact I said my goodbyes only yesterday

Track Name: Lesson - Grow Up Tall
Grow up tall straight towards the sun
Look around you’re not the only one
Listen to the ones up above
Learn how to give learn how to love
Then teach the ones down below
Teach them to hope teach them to grow
Open your ears open your eyes
Present yourself with no disguise
Learn how to sing the coyote’s song
Under the moon howl all night long
Learn the language of the forest learn it well
Ask your questions hear what it will tell
Then find the kindred soul you’ve been longing for
Say hello and search no more

Would you grow alongside me
We’ll intertwine and be set free
Lean on me I’ll direct you towards the light
I’ll lean on you throughout the night
And together we will make this life our own
Until the roses grow by the stones

Grow up tall be not afraid of your thorns
Bring forth to light your hidden devil horns
For they are beautiful and unique to you
Control their growth and light will shine on through
Always let beauty make the picture complete
In the depths of winter the sun shines ever sweet
In the midst of chaos there can be peace
And with great tension can come great release
So let your heart always guide your head
Know when certain things must be said


Let it rain let it pour
Lightning light the world so we can see the storm
Let the waters grow us tall
And help to rejuvenate us all
Find a melody in need of words
At the end of the rainbow sing it with the birds
Pick a handful of flowers growin wild
And give them to some bright eyed child
And in the meadow you will find your pot of gold
In a feeling that cannot be sold
When you say

Track Name: Daydream - Children Of The Sun
We're all children of the sun
Interconnected with everyone
Every daughter every son
They are our brothers
They are our sisters
We're all children of the sun

We're all children
One in a million
Of the wind the moon and the rain
Of silver starlight over fields of grain
Of thunder and lightning and the fires we tend
Of warming smiles and the wounds that we mend
We're space travelers
Mystery unravelers
Dimension drifters
Spirit lifters
Beautiful dancers
Scientific advancers


We're all children
One in a billion
We are strong and powerful
But remain gentle and wonderful
We're all unique with a different journey
We're all imperfect yet still worthy
We are painters, creators, and singers
We're hard workers and active listeners
We're all confused
And we've all been bruised
But we're all brilliant
And we're all resilient

Track Name: Lesson - Humbleness
Those who know me may tell you I have changed
Well it's true yes I have been saved
From darkness and from devils
But not by God and not by angels
No I was saved by the power of my own mind
Listen and I will teach you in time
And it's fine if you don't understand
Just walk for a while with me hand in hand
To all those who wander confused and alone
I can show you a path you may call home
And you can focus in a single direction
And find somethin worth learnin with all your good intention
And it's OK if you believe in heavenly grace
I believe each belief has its own place
As long as you use it to help the human race
Who am I to judge how you shed your hate?
And to all the ones who have gone astray
The ones who would kill for the gods to which they pray
Ask yourselves why you blindly obey
Is tomorrow salvation or judgment day?

Well I can be your shining beacon if you wish
But I know others who are better at this
Although it doesn't matter anyway
Cuz that's exactly what all of them would say'
Find something to help you make it through
And serve as an example in everything you do

And I can explain my newfound change
By all the things I now find strange
Like all the people who can't seem to take it slow
Faster and faster around me they go
But I've got people and music in my life
To make me thankful for long ways and red lights
And then there's people who always need to be occupied
In the glow and the sounds they run away and hide
But I've learned that silence teaches many things
I've seen the wisdom doing nothing brings
Like when you’re in territory unknown
Learn to be a warrior and hold your own
And if you find yourself heading for a light
You can choose to pass on through it and be all right
And all good things must come to an end
But mostly so better ones can begin
And it’s possible to let go of your fear
Even if it holds you back and has always been near
I’ve got a song on the tip of my tongue
And I won’t be afraid to sing it while the night and I are still young
My message will transcend my voice
My actions will follow from my choice
I’m gaining speed as I’m moving downhill
Come and join me if you will

Track Name: Lesson - Love
It can bring a tear to your eye
But it could be joy that makes you cry
It can make you wish that you could die
But you'd go with hope if you tried
It can take up all your money and your time
But you’d be smiling with that last minute or that dime
It can make you satisfied with compromise
Make you enjoy something you despise

It is love sweet, sweet love that I'm speaking of
It is love sweet, sweet love that I'm dreaming of
Love from within and from above

It can be misguided and misled
But it can be easily turned on its head
It has the power to rehabilitate
It can destroy or it can create
It can make you scared when it’s your turn to die
Or it could leave you unable to cry
It can make the familiar seem brand new
It can help you see from a different point of view
It can save the planet and all those who call it home
It can end all the conflict that we have known


Guide it so it sets you free
And leads no one to misery

Track Name: Lesson - Mysteries
Will I be fulfilled when I am dying?
Will I laugh or will I be crying?
When I leave will I be flying?
Above the world and rising?
Will I see myself down below?
Will loved ones or strangers watch me go?
Will the footprint of the life I have to show
Be cast in cement or snow?
Will quiet and peace mark the ending of my story?
Or will I go out in a blaze of glory?

These are mysteries I often think about
Will I find the answers? That I highly doubt
So fret no more I say what will be will be
A peaceful mind shall set us free
I believe our actions decide our fate
If they are good I trust good things await

Why do we kill why do we steal?
Why do we know how these things feel?
When did we come to learn these things?
Who was the first to lose their wings?
Why is beauty so difficult for most to see?
Why does it come so easily to me?
How come only when I close my eyes
Can I be with the eagle as it flies?
Why can I see the needs that we all share?
Why is that quality so rare?

Track Name: Lesson - Perspective
Just when you think the total number of grains of sand
Is much too big a number to understand
You look up and see three times that many stars before you reach the top
Then you look down and find the same number of molecules in just 10 water drops
We’re the top of the food chain and most of us know it but
Truth is we’re one step above monkeys and one step below nobody knows what
And there’s people pollutin water and aren’t even frightened
That all the drinkable water in the world could fit inside Rhode Island

At one time there was a pane of glass in front of everybody’s face
But over time some of them let a one way mirror take its place
Some people clean it every day so they can always see right through
Others took a hammer to it to get closer to me and you
And whether you think you’ve got it or it’s gone
Look to the ones around you to see which side you’re on

And you’d start wishing for clouds if bombs were droppin out of the sky
Cuz at least on cloudy days there’s less of a chance that you can die
And if all your people were divided because of something someone else decided
A group of men with maps and pencils who decided they were better than you and special
Showed up with tanks and guns raped your daughters and killed your sons
Started makin up labels and tryin to turn the tables
Tryin to pretend that they’re not doin wrong like they haven’t all along
Then you might be angry too, might pick a gun or maybe two


Maybe somebody told you that you couldn’t sing well don’t believe ‘em and let it ring
Maybe there’s something you wanna do but you’re afraid of what everyone will say
Just gotta go for it and let em talk if they can’t support you then let ‘em walk away
Don’t let the guidebooks tell you where not to go
You’ll probably be fine trust me I would know
Cuz sometimes the ones you call your friends just ain’t that good for you
And the ones that understand are the ones you never thought that you’d turn to

Track Name: Daydream - What We Seek
I can still see you standing
In the sun
I remember laughing
Thinking you might be the one
Maybe I should have said
What I knew was true
What would you have said
If I had said
I think I’m in love with you
Ah well I guess it’s best
that you never knew

How come what we seek the most
Is so hard to find?
Why is it when we get so close
It just troubles our mind?
Why is it that we never give up hope
When we’re alone and left behind?

I see a picture of your face
Every now and then
And I’m captured by your grace
All over again
And if somehow you knew
This feelin inside of me
Would it surprise you
As much as it’s familiar to me
Or do you see my face
Every now and then
And think about a place
Way back when?

Track Name: Lesson - Positivity and Dreams
You only get one life one chance
A couple hundred months to dance
The time seems so long
But it won't be before its gone
And you're feelin so small
Like nothing that you do matters at all
But you don't have to change the world just two souls
And they'll change two more until outward it flows
And we'll both listen to the Earth til we feel it spinnin
Listen to its lovers til we hear them singin
Listen to the music and look at each other
Like we all came from the same mother
Standin on the ground we came from way back when
The same ground we'll return to again
But right now we'll keep livin our dreams
And stick to our hearts no matter how hard it seems
As for me

I’m gonna hug my heroes while I still can
Chase the others' ghosts across distant lands
Swim in the waters no matter how cold
Just to say I did it ‘fore I got too old
Gonna climb up the mountain for a better view
So I can see the path that’ll lead to livin true
Gonna sing my song gonna sing it loud
Make my own decisions and stand up proud
Use my words to pave this path I tread
And keep my eyes open for good things ahead

Sometimes you gotta drop some weight to keep your ship above the waves
Might have to lose the rum to ensure the gold is saved
But there's far far better things ahead
Than the things behind that would leave you dead
And you can feel ‘em comin on the wind
See a new chapter begin
The fog start to burn away
The sun coming out lightin up the day
And the thunderstorm left the cup half full
Made everything smell wonderful
And right then you think you could do anything
No attachment to the things to which you used to cling
So you write down your goals and dreams one by one
Cross ‘em off ‘til you get ‘em done
And along the way you’ll add some more
But that’s OK you gotta have something to live for
And if you don’t know what to put on your list
Come along with me and start with this

Track Name: Lesson - Roots
I’ve been so many places
Too many to recall it seems
Seen so many faces
Fulfilled so many dreams
But there is one I keep
In the middle of my mind
And when I feel a lonesome deep
It gets me back to feelin’ fine

I’m comin’ home to you
Just can’t stay away
Heading home to you
At the breaking of the day
I’m coming home to you
To get my feet back on the ground
Comin’ home to you
Chargin up for another round

And I’ve seen beggars on the street
Children with no shoes on their feet
Palaces of kings and queens
Cathedrals so pristine
Places I never should have been
But I’d go back there again
Cause it makes me feel so blessed
More than could be expressed
And if I die out on the road
I’ll close my eyes and think of home
And that’s where I will be
While they fly me there and bury me

Track Name: Lesson - The Ride
If you need me I'll be right here
Bring your laughter or bring your tears
Join me under the oaks and the pines
Beauty will be reflected when it shines
Can you see it in our eyes?
Can you see it in the skies?
Can you find any on a city street?
Can you find any in defeat?
I know you can if you change the way you see
Find things to be grateful for constantly
If you think you can't you'd be surprised
Start with I'm healthy and I'm alive

And take these lessons and start to sing
And don't worry if our eyes begin to sting
The music will lift us up and bring us down
But we'll be captivated by the sound
We’ll let the vibrations carry us like the tide
And we'll find our wounds and heal them on the ride

And I have these ideas from time to time
Images that float across my mind
And there’s a moral behind the scenes
Maybe you can tell me what they mean
Can you picture us as wolves running through the valleys
As songbirds whistling in the trees
As salmon swimming up the stream
As martyrs for our dreams
Can you picture us as horses running through the fields
As soldiers lowering our shields
As owls calling out into the night
As roosters signaling the morning light
Can you picture our cells as they rearrange
The world as we perceive it change
Stars at our fingertips
Love in the air at the edge of our lips
Can you picture all of us one and the same
Roses by many other names
Lying words on lovers’ breaths
Us as faithful companions ‘til our deaths


Well if you need me I’ll be right here
Someday I may have to go
For how long I can't really know
But don’t you worry don’t you fear
For I will never leave you behind
If you let me live on in your mind
But I promise to return to you if I can
Although I may not be the same man
But f I'm not the same or better you must tell me so
I won't improve if I never know
In return I'll teach you happiness is a choice
And how to bring it to others with your voice

Track Name: Lesson - Truth
Give me a call yeah come on by
You'll find me lookin’ at the sky
Wonderin’ when I'm gonna die
Today tomorrow when I'm 95
Got no answers but I feel alive
I got that fire and I got that drive
I like to think what I speak is true
That I fight for you and the planet too
Change for the best stand up to the test
Of livin’ as a rebel
Livin’ example of livin’ well
Create that spark  bringin’ light to the dark
But the truth is I don't know
Most of the things that I think I know
And I wish that I could just let it go
But it's a curse of the wise that I can't outgrow
To always see how little I see
How little of the world has been revealed to me
The more I search the less I find
Answers always leave questions behind
Like our eyes and our mind tell us what we see
So is this really reality?
Are you seeing what's really me?
Or are there other things that we could be?
What you find objective
Might be subjective
To a current perspective
And then the seeds of doubt are sown
When what you've known
Can't be what you've been shown

So I wonder if we're ready for cognizance?
Or should we just live in ignorance?
Will the truth take us to a higher plane?
Or will it just drive us insane?

I got inspiration comin’ from all sides
Crazy dreams that keep me up at night
Sound of guitars and beats and the risin’ tide
Got all these ideas inside my head
Text ‘em to myself so I don't forget
Spark of a thought starts to ignite
Put my headphones down and I start to write
Stay up all night until I get it right
Stretch my legs put down my pen
Take a little break until it starts again
And I’ll tell you a little story
Of the power and the glory
Of a time when the earth was new and pure
And everything worked together to endure
The animals were runnin’ wild and free
Takin every breath from the nearest tree
And vegetables and fruits overflowed the golden cup
Then the greedy man came and screwed it all up
But it's not all hopeless
It's not all useless
We can turn this thing around
If we're not afraid of the ups and downs
A positive mind will keep you safe and sound
They might call you weird or call you strange
But it's the little things that'll make the big change
Like what you do with your money
Where and how you get your milk and honey
Givin’ a dollar to the ones in need
Instead of savin’ it for your own greed
Little things like a laugh or a smile
That ain't been there for a long, long while
So I'm spreadin’ positivity every morning on the Internet
Remindin’ everybody that the world isn't over yet
Not if we all can work for it
Not if we've got any say in it
So let's get together
Listen to some music and look at each other
Like they're your own brother
Like we all came from the same mother
We'll be at the show just to stay inspired
In the front row ‘til the band gets tired
And in the still of the night with our ears still ringin’
We'll start to write and then we'll start singin’
And we'll change up the words so they fit the beat
Change up the beat so the words pack heat
Speed it on up or slow it right down
Turn it inside out or upside down
And when the night's over and the last note plays
We'll sit under the moon as the last sound fades
Meditate underneath the silver lit trees
Don't think don't move just breathe